what is the best anime series for this year 2011?any suggestions?

February 28, 2011 2:23am CST
hi guys i would like to know what is the best anime series for this year 2011 so that i can watch it online.thanks :)
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@aion06 (49)
• Mexico
28 Feb 11
Hey, now im watching one name IS: Infinite Stratos, by now it only has 8 episodes but looks realy promising.
1 Mar 11
infinite stratos?i never heard that before is it new anime series or not?ok let me take a look.thanks for the info though :)
@scja16 (323)
• Philippines
28 Feb 11
Hmm..We have different taste of anime. I would go with Naruto.
28 Feb 11
yeah me too.but i prefer fairy tale.
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• Netherlands
20 Mar 11
it kinda depends what kinda genre u like for many is action / fighting i got a list of anime i watched but its very long XD lets i like bleach naruto always been number 1 soul eater great too dance in the vampire bund ---- very good Seikon no Qwaser ----- good but aloot of ecchi 2011 once: GoSick its mysterious i guess but funny Kore wa Zombie desu ka Onii-chan no Koto very ----ecchi Dragon Crisis Freezing IS – Infinite Stratos hope this helps need more tell me what u like and i help you
@poohgal (6848)
• Singapore
17 Mar 11
This year barely just started so I think it's too early to decide the best anime.. Among the ongoing ones.. my favorite is One Piece. Among the new ones, my favorites this season are Level E and Beelzebub. Level E is surprisingly funny and entertaining. As for Beelzebub, it's funny too and has quite a bit of action. Among the upcoming ones, I'm most looking forward to the return of Gintama and Deadman Wonderland.