What is your opinion on global warming?

South Africa
November 19, 2006 5:23am CST
Is it a real threat or is it been blown out of proportion. IS it inevitable or can we stop it?
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• China
19 Nov 06
I believe that global warming is a real problem and is not being blown out or proportion. I also believe that we are not doing enough to slow its effects. It seems that we know it is there, and yet many people are choosing to ignore it. There is scientific proof of rising water levels and decreased or increased rainfall. Weather patterns are changing and deserts are expanding. This is an issue that needs to be addressed on a grander scale. I don't know if global warming can be stopped. It is already well on its way due to our abuse of the environment, but we should do all we can to stop what we know is causing it. We need to stop polluting the air, water, and land. We need to recycle and reuse products, and we need to be more conscientious about how we use and get our valuable resources.
• South Africa
19 Nov 06
I beleive it's a cycle the earth goes through, and we have sped up this process, I beleive we should do all we can to reduce it, and find alternative ways to look after ourselves when the time comes. I am a shareholder in a company addressing some of these issues-It's just one of the companies I co own.
@claire87 (131)
• Australia
19 Nov 06
Its a very realy threat and its all our fault! I think we should do everything we can to stop it and fix our mistakes.