how do you veiw life?

Saint Lucia
February 28, 2011 1:34pm CST
I am happy everyday i wake up healthy and strong and is thankful to God for allowing me to see this new day.I view life as showing appreciation for everything we can do.The wonderful days,the touch of the fresh breeze on out faces.Oh how i love nature.If i could take pictures of everything thing i love about my life i would post here for all to see. Most inportant i am so greatful that i was born here on this wonderful,beautiful island of St.Lucia. Wow there is so much to see and do here every day and most are part of nature.
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@cebumd (65)
• Philippines
2 Mar 11
Despite my polycystic kidney disease and my failing kidneys, I also view life as a God-given gift which I am grateful to have. I am grateful also to be born from my parents, to be with the friends that I have. I am grateful of the opportunity to teach my students, to help shape their future. Despite the problems and challenges that I encounter, I know that all these are temporary for there is a better place waiting for me where no one ever becomes sad.
@sexyice (874)
• Latvia
28 Feb 11
I am happy for my life, because, when I see or read in internet how we're doing to other people I can be happy. Because I have home, family, I can see, listen, read and do all who can normal people. I can sit there and give answers and be happy! Yea, and I try view my life positive, I have my life purposes and every day I try step by step go to my purposes. Life is wonderful, because we are alive :)
@digidon (165)
• Philippines
28 Feb 11
I view life as an optimist/hopeful that the world can change for the better even though there are a lot of things that are negative