February 28, 2011 4:50pm CST
Is the human race still evolving?As per Darwin evolution is a continual process.I am not sure of the physical evolution but one thing I can be sure of is the human brain is evolving,people are getting smarter.A smart guy of 90's has now become dumb person.So what will be the next stage of the human evolution -'Superhumans'.We have guerrilas kept in the zoo for our entertainment,so are we going to be in a same stage somewhere in the future...Frightnening thought isnt'.
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@didi13 (2927)
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10 Mar 11
There is no evidence against evolution, no arguments. It seems that this coccyx in building human, that human DNA is 98% identical to a chimpanzee, a natural body position is slightly hunched and that our jaw, for example, is in perpetual change, shrink, which showing that the man we know today is not the finished product, but still evolve, I think, are pretty strong arguments to be swallowed as real. If we all evolved from monkeys, then why today we still have monkeys? First, evolutionism says that both new and primates we draw from a common ancestor, not the monkey directly. At some point the evolution was bifurcated. Even they say that we pulled from the monkey directly, as I said everything is in constant evolution and human evolution took millions of years where we know that today's monkeys, and do not evolve over millions of years will be new people,perhaps more enlightened than us? How do we know that people are the first intelligent beings who lived on Earth? However we do not go over. Weather condition were quite different then.
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1 Mar 11
I agree with you,the human brain is evolving,but I guess our physical bodies are degenerating