What should be done about Muslims?

United States
November 19, 2006 5:37am CST
I see a lot of people trying to pass Islam off as a religion of peace. I see ridiculous remarks like, "During the age of the Islamic Empire, people were free to worship whatever faith they chose, and were able to live peacefully alongside muslims. In fact they were even protected." Thats an actual statement I saw posted in an AOL forum. The facts are this. Islam teaches there is one true god and Mohammed is his prophet. Their goal since their beginning has been world conquest. Islam teaches that infidels deserve death, and that an infidel is anyone who does not practice Islam. During the age of the "Islamic Empire" aka "Ottoman Empire" Non muslims had no rights, were not allowed to carry weapons even for self protection. Were not allowed to defend themselves in a court of law. They were saddled with heavy taxes that were beyond their means to pay. If they could not pay, they were imprisoned or executed. One example of this is Armenia. The first nation to adopt christianity. After being conquered by Islamic armies they were stripped of all rights as civilians, heavy taxes were imposed on them to encourage them to convert to Islam. In the early 20th century the Muslims got fed up with them. Because after years of torture and abuse the Armenians still held to their Christian faith. So what was their fate? It was determined they should be wiped off the face of the earth. Every man, woman, and child. The Turks went about systematically wiping out entire villages. So what are your thoughts on what should be done about Muslims? Btw, if you want facts do a google search on Armenia. You will get page after page about the atrocities committed by the followers of Islam.
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@arveemarc (433)
• Philippines
20 Nov 06
I do not agree with the Topic.. what should be done to Muslims since not all muslims are what you think they are...
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• United States
20 Nov 06
If you don't agree, then post some facts to prove otherwise. Just stating you don't agree doesn't prove anything. Thats like me saying I don't believe there is a country called Japan. What did I just prove by saying that? Nothing, except that I could be an idiot.
@Roseate (185)
• Lebanon
7 Jan 07
What are the facts you brought....from early history, at that time their was a war, and when people fight each part have the right to defeat themselves, and as for the muslims (in the Islamic religion) you are not allowed to start a fight, but if the other part (group of people) started a fight then you have the right to defeat yourselves (only when they start) And if what you just mentioned was right (which I think is exaggerated)....then you are now asking for doing the same thing...ie;you will be no different from muslims - in case it was right (it is not!)
• United States
19 Nov 06
what should be "done" about muslims?? That sounds horrible. jmo
• United States
20 Nov 06
Yes, what should be done about them? Should we even bother to try to tolerate them or befriend them? Considering how "tolerant" they are of other people, do you think they deserve it? Should we ban Islam in the west, kick them out of our countries. Should we impose heavy taxes on them if they choose to follow Islam instead of conforming to our society? Or should we let them move in to our countries and change our way of life to accomodate them? Btw this is a serious discussion. Please don't use it to just post one liners to boost your post count.
@mshmsho (118)
• Germany
18 Dec 06
You are right! things like this happened in Armenia but what can we do? The Turks keep on denying it and nobody cares for the Armenians but thanks for raising the subject here.
• United States
3 Dec 06
I'm Armenian myself, and I hate Turks There is nothing I can do to make the world see things how they really are though