Rowdy children

March 1, 2011 3:39am CST
I'm not a fan of having children around me especially if they are rowdy children. I've had a really annoying experience today and I could just kick the parents if I was allowed to. My mom and I went to dine at a restaurant in a mall. It was around 10:30am so the place isn't crowded and it's a bit quiet...or peaceful I should say. Then came in this family of 7: 2 children, parents, aunt (I assume), and grandparents. Upon entering the restaurant, the son was VERY loud. The place is small, and can hold maybe 50-70 people. The son was very rowdy. He was so loud and was banging the utensils. All the parents did was make a mild "shhh..." and that's it. Later on, the son stood up on the chair (the chairs by the wall were like sofa/foam)started jumping like it was a bed, and then his sister followed along. I can't wait for their food to arrive so the kids could shut up. When the food came, it did not shut them up. I don't know how much "fuel" is in that little boy. The children didn't look like they ate. I think they were just being given a few bites as the son kept rambling on and on. After they were done, the children were running all around the restaurant screaming to the top of their lungs and bumping our chairs. Thankfully, the dad brought them outside but yeah, we could still hear their screaming inside. As my mom and I were leaving, the waitress opened the door for us. The dad and the children were going in and I let them pass first. The dad went in, then the daughter, but the son stopped by the door and you know what? He was saying something and then pressed my right breast. WTF? Well, I was already outside and didn't confront the parents. Throughout the whole dining experience, I didn't lash out or anything. But after the incident at the door, it made me want to talk to the parents. But I was pretty mad and didn't want to stir up any heated argument inside the restaurant because I wasn't brought up that way. It's embarassing and it's not respectful to the staff and other customers of the restaurant. By the way, I'm a reaaaaaally patient person with loooooong temperament and honestly, I don't know when my anger ticking bomb will go off, lol. I can forgive the boy, he's like 4 years old and obviously doesn't know much about right/wrong, etiquette, respect, and respect for personal space. What I'm mad about is that the parents didn't do anything about their children (well, maybe except when the children were walking on the chairs and about to cross the one in front of us) and can't teach them the things I mentioned above. They just let their kids go about their business as if it's their own house. I won't be surprised if those children, especially the boy, will be the bane of their parents' existence when they grow up. Children nowadays lack values and characteristics because their parents didn't discipline them well or the parents just didn't step up and take control because they don't want to "hurt" their kids. Come on, they ought to show just even a bit of tough love. It doesn't need to involve violence, it just needs to teach children limitations and it will pay off later on in their lives. Sorry for this long narrative but thanks a bunch for reading! So, have you encountered rowdy children? How did you react? And what do you think about children's discipline nowadays?
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@pastigger (618)
• United States
1 Mar 11
I have one three year old daughter and I can tell you I wouldn't let her act that way at home let alone in public. I am one of the strange parents that use the word NO with my daughter and I mean it. She is taught manners and is very polite. I will not sit here and tell you that she is perfect as she is three and she has melt downs like any other child but she know that we will leave a place if she decides to act that way. Parents now a days feel like well I am paying so what is the problem. The problem is that I am paying too and I did not go out to eat to have to deal with your children that you can not control. They are every where it seems, at the mall, when you go out to eat and even in the theaters in movies where children do not belong (like rated R Films or grown up movies) If you really want to see a movie that bad get a baby sitter don't make everyone else suffer because your child is bored and you can't control them. I just took my daughter during thanksgiving to her first movie, a child's movie, and even then I told her what I expected of her. That she needed to sit in her seat and not talk through the whole movie. She did have questions but she was good about being quite when asking them. I would not hesitate to take her to the movie again. But I still waited until she was old enough to enjoy it and behave. There is no reason that my child can sit and have a meal, granted she does need reminders to sit and not stare, and your child is going to run a muck. I had some one tell me that they would take there baby out to eat with them and others shouldn't be annoyed if the baby cried. Now if the baby cries I am not annoyed unless the baby cries though the whole meal and the parents do nothing and just let it happen. I took my daughter out when she was a baby but I planned things to and I knew what I could expect from her and I knew if she started crying uncontrollably that I would leave. I guess more people need to understand that they need to consider other not just themselves.
• Philippines
6 Mar 11
Hi pastigger! First of all, thanks for reading my post despite it being very long. I salute your parenting skills! Only few parents would care about how their child is behaving and if the behavior is already disrupting others. It's nice that your daughter is taught at an early age how to behave in public places and social events in order to be mindful of others. I agree too that if a baby is crying, it's understandable but not when the parents don't do anything resulting to the baby crying throughout the meal. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences as a mother. Have a nice week ahead!