How do you trust a cheting husband again?

United States
March 1, 2011 10:15am CST
I recently split with my husband and filed for a divorce but we decided to reconcile, He was cheating and got caght... He has been faithful and trying really hard since he has been home but it is still so hard for me to be here giving him that chance. i still fill as if he doesn't deserve it. Has anyone else had to go through this if so how did you deal with it?
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@cream97 (29166)
• United States
2 Apr 11
Hi. melissa911. You can't trust him anymore. If you have filed for divorce and you have reconciled with your husband, then he decided to cheat again, I would not even trust him anymore. In fact, this time when I divorce him, we will be through for good. He does not deserve anymore second chances, he has already gotten that.
@aerous (13474)
• Philippines
31 Mar 11
Well, if your husband really show how he remorse about the past. You need to observe him in 2 years to see whether you husband did not cheated you again... Cheated really hard to deal with. Because they hide more things and tried not caught from their acts of sinful relationship...
• United States
1 Mar 11
This would be difficult for me, as I can certainly be forgiving but not forgetful. So the constant reminder would not allow me to continue in the relationship. I have been cheated on before and am a point in life that if they do it once I cannot give a second chance. I don't know how others do it but I do have acquaintance who try to repair and it is constant bickering as the one who was cheated on cannot let the issue go. Best of luck and I do wish you well.