Buy a car

@buli23 (550)
March 2, 2011 10:06am CST
In have a dream about my own car. I think in my whole life one day I will buy my own car. I want to buy a big size car because after buy my car I want to travel many places with my whole family and there are many members in my family. The color of my car will be red. I do not want keep any driver for my car because I want to drive my own car myself. I think one day I will go my office by my own car and that will be the great day for me. I am now working hard to buy my own car as early as possible.
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• Romania
26 Mar 11
Keep talking on myLot and you could buy your very own Dream Car.
• United States
2 Mar 11
I have my own car and in my name and my dad as a co signer for me. I did this when i was only 20 years old and now it is almost paid off for, but am thinking of getting a car and getting rid of my jeep i have. I think i would like something more economical and be cheaper on gas for me and also be safer is a plus for me as my jeep spins and is just not a safe car for me or my passengers. I hope you get a car soon, making payments instead of paying in full will also help you out as well. It will be good for you as well.
2 Mar 11
everybody like, i mean dream about having their own cars. but the sad fact is somehow it's kinda hard to get your "DREAM CAR" (like porsche or lamborghini) because it's quite expensive. so we start having our dream on the first base :)) and for you goodluck to your dream. hope can take part on these dreams :))