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March 2, 2011 1:18pm CST
I love watch the line of talk shows on my local chance FOX18. First they play the Maury Show, then Jerry Springer, followed by Steve Wilko then the Maury Show again. I don't like alot of drama in my life but other people's drama is fine by me especially if they want to air it out. They all provide different people in the same situation. I love the Maury show. Which one do you like?
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2 Mar 11
In the morning the Muary Show is on twice in a row and if im home and not working that day i will usually watch them and thing what worhtless pieces of crap there people are because they dont wnat to confes sup to be a parents to a child and most of the time that is what it is about on that show. At night sometime late the Jerry Springer show comes on but not sure what time as i dont watch it on a regular basis but if i cath it on they i will watch it as its been on for years and its pretty funny as well. When growing up we had so many talk shows it was great, i wish they would come back as they were funny and just great to watch. We had sally, jenny jones and ricki lake and i wish they would come back on but i guess there are better shows to watch then that.
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28 Mar 11
I miss Rikki Lake the most. It wasn't all about drama
@erikmama (12929)
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17 Apr 12
This is how I feel about talk shows as well!! I just started one about Maury, which is how I found this discussion. I watch all of those talk shows you mentioned, plus jkeremt Kyle. I am able to get my daily fill of drama and keep mine drama free!!
@SHAMRACK (8525)
• India
28 Mar 11
Dear friend, I do like those shows which is lively, some talk shows just for name sake to put a celebrity and get it off. There are celebrities talk shows that they give a better pointed answers. I do not have any specific liking of talk shows as I do not see it often, still I do like if someone controversial person in on the air.