Is Usher a symbol?

United States
March 2, 2011 1:39pm CST
We have watched Usher grow over the generation and his music has exceeded into some of the best music people have heard. Usher sings, dance, and is a charmer. Women go crazy and crave for Usher and men admire him or use his songs to charm the women. Even with all of that said other artist have came into play like Trey Songs and Chris Brown. Do you think that Usher is still a symbol standing in the middle of them?
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• United States
2 Mar 11
Usher had been someone who so many people could look up to as he is an amazing artist, manager and dancer. He has lived through a lot in his life with the whole cheating on his girlfriend then having a child and now is married and lived through all of this by singing about it and just having a life like normal people do in life. Usher is just a person but because he is the mentioned stated above things in life it makes him a person for others in life to look up to and for some to just understand his songs and relive his lives through theres. Usher is a great artist and someone i have looked up to as a dancer myself and love him for his moves and great songs he has recorded.