A Healthy Version of Fast Food Chains

March 2, 2011 9:28pm CST
Let's face it, fast food chains are part of our lives. Even if you're that health conscious, if you are allowed to award yourself for a day, the first thing that will come into mind is to eat fast foods. But I have this dream that if I would be able to produce a capital for this business, I would probably do it. I am planning to create my own fast food chain but ALL the foods would be healthy: 1) rice, either brown, red for those who are dieting and have diabetes; 2) instead of french fries which is deep fried, it will be baked fries with choices; 3) patties will be made of veggie meats or there will still be beef but I will make sure that it's 100% beef without fat, and it will be grilled; 4) salads for side dish, but with a 0% fat dressings; 5) meats will be made of vegetables called Veggie Meats (like veggie tastes like chicken or pork or beef); 6) no softdrinks, just juices made of real fruits or teas; What else would you like to add to help me complete my menu? Any suggestions? Thank you.
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@birdie816 (1277)
• United States
3 Mar 11
wow i really like your idea. i have noticed that i am going out to eat alot more these days, but i have also been gaining lots of weight and feeling more sluggish. i used to be somewhat of a health nut, but now that i am married, it is sometimes a bother to try and prepare healthy meals (so sometimes even at home i don't eat so healthy either...). anyway, i would love if there were more places to eat with a full healthy menu (not just a few "healthy" options on the menu) that still tastes great and is just as quick as regular fast food. i think alot more people would eat healthy if they had this option of a fast food restaurant...i know i would. anyway, one idea for your menu could be soy icecream instead of regular icecream (it's just as delicious as regular icecream, only lower in fat and all natural)
• Philippines
3 Mar 11
yeah I liked that.. Soy Ice cream, why not. Healthy and delicious. And even you're eating your favorite desserts, there's no guilt feeling.. Thanks.