When you start looking for it, it's gone.

March 3, 2011 1:49am CST
Have you experienced a time when you look for something, you can't find it anywhere. But when you don't need it, it magically appears? This happen to me all the time. In all aspects of my life. Love. Dreams. I hate it. Why do some people have so much luck to find the things that they want from life? Why can't I just look for it and find it? Why does it have to slip away? And when you do not expect it, it comes barging in your life. Am I the only person experiencing this?
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• Indonesia
3 Mar 11
I think many people have experiences like this. I myself sometimes have it. Usually it comes for little things of mine. I guess that's what life is. The way I try to overcome this, is trying to manage all things happen around me. That way, when everything is under my control and my management, I can prevent things that usually 'lost' when I need it. Hope you find a way to solve your problems, too.
• Philippines
3 Mar 11
Hello Erricgunawan. Thank you for sharing that. I really do hope that I will be able to solve this problem.