can hamster die coz hunger?

@julise (494)
March 3, 2011 3:01am CST
hi guy, i need yo ask something important. i think my friend landlord stole or sell or throwaway my friend hamster. so this is the case. my friend left her hamster on the apartment for 5days. she put like 12 pieces of hamster food in the cage. coz she (the hamster is female) usually eat 2 pieces a day. so it should be enough. but apparently on one of that 5 days my friend not in her apt, her landlord came there and he took away, throw away the hamster and the cage, the toys, the food, everything! when my friend came back, she called him, and he said that the hamster die. so that's why he throw her away. do you guys think that really happened? that she dies? kelly (the name of the hamster), went missing several months ago. she's gone for 2 weeks (somehow she made it to escape from her cage - to much watching prison brake... hahaha well she's there when we all watch prison brake in the apartment), and she survived. she still alive after missing 2 weeks! she got skinnier, she's more calm, but she survived! and now, just in 5days, she died coz hunger? no way! i cant believe that! what do you guys think? any hamster expert here who can help me give an answer?
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@lilaclady (28240)
• Australia
3 Mar 11
I think any animal can die from hunger, but maybe he can find food for himself... someone may have picked him up and hopefully caring for him...maybe he will finf another hamster and have lots af little ones...
@julise (494)
• Indonesia
3 Mar 11
but thanks for your respond
@911Ricki (13602)
• Canada
24 Jan 13
Why is her landlord just going into the apartment? That can be reported. Another, why does she get an animal, then leave it for several days, whether she gives it enough food and water, here you can be charged with animal neglect and abuse (so should she). I have a hamster (along with several other animals), this hamster is known to get out, and went missing for 2 weeks, and came back after found wandering the building. They can find food, such as in your cupboards, and that you drop on the floor. When they get out, and wander they are bored and don't get enough attention just like any other animal. I would report both the landlord and your friends.