Do you give importance to your relatives?

@singuri (571)
March 3, 2011 1:09pm CST
Indian culture is of more family oriented. People give a lot of importance to relatives and they make sure to preserve the pride of their family.I don't think now a days people are commercial. If you have money and power, friends and relatives come to you. If you are in crisis, no one of the so called relatives like to see your face. Relations are covered with jealousy and it is common in families to complain against one another. I think it is better to stay off from relatives, What do you say?
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• Bangladesh
4 Mar 11
As a human being i think we must think that our relatives are part of our life,its a very significant part and valuable too.Nobody born only for serve himself/herself,its one duty and responsibility to serve ,care,give shelter her/his family and relatives.if they are happy ,i think i also happy because of if they are sufferung any kind of problems,i became very sad bcoz my life is belongs to them,i must give importancy them in every sphere in my life,and think you guys also do and think as like as me:)
• Philippines
4 Mar 11
Filipinos too are family grandma is here in the philippines for a vacation.and everyone took a vacation or leave from work just to be w/ her. it's like a big reunion for us too because our relatives from other places also came to see her.and then i realize some of them i just met for the first time.but still i'm happy we have a large family.i mean knowing you have lots of relatives,i know i'll gain more friends in them.well with regards to some relatives that take advantage of other relatives,i think there will always be like these people.what more can we do? sometimes this is the start of not-so-good relationship for some...
@akinad (448)
• Philippines
4 Mar 11
It would not be good if you stay away from your relatives because they are becoming a handful to deal with. Family crisis, problems and issues are inevitable. What we just need to do is to become more helpful, sympathizing to our relatives especially when they are in deep troubles. Coz if you are in the same situation as them, I know that they will be there to help you.
• China
3 Mar 11
Yes i do give important to my relatives. I don't believe that money and power can give us all. There is some other things that can give us all that is love. Love can make us happy what money and power can't do.I do love my relatives very much and they also love me.