what kind of dog is she?

@xien2xien (1383)
March 3, 2011 7:33pm CST
when i bought her 2 months ago i thought that she was a shih tzu because that's what the vendor told me but as she grew old more and more the problem appears she doesn't look like shih tzu anymore that bothers me most
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@inu1711 (5288)
• Romania
12 Mar 11
Hello xien2xien, This happens because you didn't documented enough before buying the puppy. Selling dogs became a business lately, and many of the people who sell dogs are interested only in the money they earn, not in the well being of the dogs they sell . When you buy a dog, it is better to ask the vendor (if not the breeder himself) about the papers of the puppy (it is called pedigree, it shows the genealogy of the puppy for many generations and it is the single thing that can prove to you that what you buy is a pure breed dog). You should also ask about the problems of health the puppy may have or about the problems of temperament (too shy or too aggressive dogs are not uncommon, I'm afraid). Now that you were fooled by the vendor, I hope you will love the little girl no matter if she's pure breed or not (and, judging her on the picture from your profile, she is not a Shih Tzu). It is not her fault that she's not a pure breed dog, she deserves all the love in the world just like any other dog. If you have problems when somebody ask you about her breed, you may answer that she's a combinations of a Shih Tzu and a terrier. I saw her picture in your profile, but I can't realize how big she is. Maybe you can upload another one, to see all her body.
@xien2xien (1383)
• Philippines
14 Mar 11
you have a lot of knowledge about dogs and breeding thanks for the advice i'll use it the next time i'll buy another dog or any other pet.....
@yoyo1198 (3643)
• United States
5 Mar 11
It would help if you had a photo you could post. There are a couple of other breeds that could be confused with the Shih Tzu. One being the Pekingnese. But your dog may be a combination of Shih Tzu with another small dog. Breeding with a Pug would still give you a flat nose as would with a Pekingnese. So a photo would help.