pitt bull bans

March 3, 2011 11:11pm CST
I live in Ontario Canada and our government passed a ban on owning pitt bulls in 2005 and dog's born before this time must be registered, fixed muzzled at all times off property and on a leash no longer then6 feet long any dogs born after this time or brought into the country after this time are to be destroyed I do not agree with this law as i own an AmStaff which our in the ban but I'll leave that rant for later do they have any bans on dogs were you live? what are your thoughts? does anyone honestly think these bans work to stop dog bites?
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@lizzyt2007 (1312)
• Craig, Alaska
4 Mar 11
The only ban I know of is American's are not allowed to have pure breed wolves for pets. but this ban your talking about the "pit bulls" that is just dumb for someone to ban a certain breed due to people believing they all bite people. they should just ban all dog types. cause all dogs bite people its not just pit bulls sometimes. I don't believe that all pit bulls bite people. They bite cause of previous owners didn't teach them to be kind to others or if they didn't have previous owners then they just didn't have anyone to teach them to be kind to others you know "manners". All dogs have to be taught manners in how to act around all ages of people. Just like kids are not born evil nor are dogs. Dogs are just like kids they need to be taught manners.
• Canada
4 Mar 11
The argument the goverment used for the ban was that these dogs were bred to fight and its jsut instinct for them which to some extent is true allot of pitt do have that instinct but the fact is humane aggression has been completely bred out of these dogs because they were bred to fight. When you fight a dog the owner is usually in the ring with the dog and people who breed these dogs for fighting do not breed dogs who show any aggression towards people. My boy is a rescue froma fight ring and would never ever hurt a humane being the odd time we have to be careful of him around other dogs but we have worked with him and he's is awsome with my cats adn our little dogs and we are slowly working with him with larger dogs aswell the most common dog to bite a humane is actaully a lab but they are not banned because everyone loves them