@tammy27 (1247)
March 4, 2011 6:56am CST
i was feeling my emptiness my blood is running out it's only dreams that i caress now to me it develops doubt to know that i was hanging it gets deeper, the incision i have no choice but to wait for the decision it'll make because dreaming is like holding a blade you wanna live but you're sick and tired its yourself whom you persuade to lacerate and in it you will hide it could be like shifting images in your mind called addiction or phantasmagoria that can make your brain explode for all your wishes are there, imprisoned dreaming is like hanging from a tree if you loosen your grip, you'll fall if you'll wake up dreams will fly freely from the fantasy land in a dark hole dreaming can make you die like being choked by the demon's hand i'll give you nothing and lead you nowhere so throw away that hope, it won't help you stare.
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