celebrities in my street........

@sunny5u (2072)
March 4, 2011 10:54am CST
Hi friends, you know what tomorrow there's a celebrities cricket match in our city so celebrities entered the city by now, and they were on shopping, so all my friends asked me to join them, but then friends do you think we have to give such importance to actors, they are common people like us, but are exposed to people, i feel so, what do you say friends? Do you feel the same or do you think they are great and have to be taken as ideal persons and take them as role model?
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@thatgirl13 (7307)
• South Korea
5 Mar 11
Well actually that totally depends on who you are asking this question to. Me, i do take celebrities as a role model. I have always loved singing so i do take Amy Lee as my role model. I would love to have a powerful vocals as hers. I absolutely adore her.
@sunny5u (2072)
• India
6 Mar 11
kk that's nice,well here i am talking about actors, but taking singers as role model isn't bad idea, well your choice is cool and thanks for replying