I would love to learn to cook chinese

United States
March 4, 2011 10:24pm CST
I have tried cookbooks, online, used sauces from the grocery store and nothing I make ever tastes like when you go to a chinese restaurant. This is so frustrating. Many times there are municiple classes in cooking but I have never seen this. I love eating oriental. If you have any kind of recommendation on where I could learn oriental cooking, it would be greatly appreciated.
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• United States
2 Jul 11
Usually the chinese food in restaurants have a lot of sauces incorporated which is sometimes not good if you are a diet. The chinese food are more organic and cleaner as well as cheaper too.
• China
19 Mar 11
I'm Chinese. I often cook for my family. In my opinion, do Chinese food is easy than western food,because I don't need cookbook to learn. Chinese food doesn't need precise proportion, each kind of ingredient can be used, and it's all depending on your hobby. In China, family food is simple than restaurant, we don't use so much condiments. For example, when you want cooking vegetables, you can pour oil in the pot, then heating the pot until you can see the oil began to smoke. This is almost the cookbook write seven point's hot oil. In Chinese cooking, we always start cooking at this time. At this time, you can put the cut onions or another seasoning into the hot oil (I often cut the seasoning into small pieces, in order to make them appear taste.) When you smell the taste of onion, you can put vegetables into the pot and fry them. After 3 to 10 minutes, when you see the vegetables become cooked, you can put some salt in to the vegetables and fry again. (If you don't know when them cooked or if them salty, you can see when the vegetables become different color or become soften. The simplest way, you can taste some vegetables every few minutes.) Now the food is ready. If you don't succeed, you can try again next time. You can learn each vegetable need how much minutes to cook form your cookbook, but it's not absolute, every one have different taste.
@junrapmian (2170)
• Philippines
6 Mar 11
I also love eating chinese foods and it's one of the reasons why I frequent the chinatown. I can only cook the usual noodles and siomai. You can find cookbooks about chinese cooking and there are a lot of it on the web. I guess it depends on the sauces that they use, you have to be familiar with the kinds and the brands chinese chef used.
@wuliaode (92)
• China
5 Mar 11
I am Chinese ,but really a lot of types of food in China,each region has its own characteristics .If you wants to learn,it is a very long effort.I do not know Chinese food is popular abroad,which the local specialties ,this issue is more important .You understand the problem,the kind of food should be easy to learn.
@lilaclady (28240)
• Australia
5 Mar 11
yes this happens to me too...I love chinese food but I have tried cooking it but never the same, I have given up and just buy from the local chinese restaurant now, as well as Thai that is even harder...better to just go and buy it...