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March 5, 2011 9:37am CST
in the uk we have a big problem with the so called,public transport.Namely the bus services here in my area,what a joke.I dont blame the drives they can only drive what is put in front of them.But when the MANAGERS GET BIG BOUNES,and still they fail to have a service that runs.When a bus brakes down simple the machanic comes out with a replace bus and repairs the one that is broken,if they cant fix the toe it back. NO that dose not happen here and the paying passager has to wait for the nex bus in a hour in all weathers.The council have choosen to look away at this problem, as they are the ones who should regulate,but dont.I hope i win the lotto sone and leave this place. yours ragey
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• Germany
5 Mar 11
Well, here in Berlin, Germany we do not have such a big problem with local public transport but instead with regional and national public transport namely the railway system being operated by "Deutsche Bahn". As the local bus service company "BVG" is very good organized and even in the toughest winter they manage to get busses out somehow there is no real problem with them apart from the ticket prices but that's a different thing to complain about which might not be just something to argue about in Germany. Anyway, the ragional transportation is the thing worrying me. Because recently there have been many strikes by the workers and the trains are nearly always late. In winter they have a problem because it's too cold and in summer because it's too warm. Somehow it doesn't really work with them and their personell. The government is frustrated "officially" but in fact, they do not care and simply overlook the problem to move to "more important points on the agenda".
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@Onyxe121 (207)
• United States
8 Mar 11
I live in the DC Metro Area and where we have several interconnected transit systems which all flow around the main one. But the farther out you get from Washington DC the less reliable but more expensive the system is. I think the worse part is one of the secondary systems recently changeed management. The prices have gone up three times in the past year and service has gotten worse. The customer service line can hardly ever be reached. I mean I was on the phone once for almost 30 mineuts while the pleasantly annoying pre-recorded voice told me that there was 1 caller ahead of me. And don't even think about filing a complaint, you don't even get a response back from them. So yeah, I so understand your gripe about how public transit can completely blow. Good Luck
@xien2xien (1383)
• Philippines
8 Mar 11
Here in the my country the main problem in public transport was buses are overloading especially in rush hours, i hate to ride a bus some passengers are sweaty and filthy some are rude, it's very tiring and very traffic thank God i bought a motorcycle to be my service from my home to office and it was more comfortable no stress no traffics and im all alone hehe
• India
8 Mar 11
Transport in the Republic of India is an important part of the nation's economy. Since the economic liberalisation of the 1990s, development of infrastructure within the country has progressed at a rapid pace,and today there is a wide variety of of transport by land, water and air. However, the relatively low GDP of India has meant that access to these modes of transport has not been uniform.
@maximax8 (28490)
• United Kingdom
7 Mar 11
I passed my practical driving test last year and it gave me a ticket to freedom. I can drive my own car where I like and leave exactly at the time that suits me the most. Before that I struggled on public transport like the poor train service and the very unreliable bus service. I used to ride my bike to and from work. It was up and down hills and it was 12 miles every day there and back again.
@MA4OKO (5)
• Bulgaria
6 Mar 11
Public transport is an important factor for the economy to function.