My Mother again in depression

United States
March 5, 2011 8:13pm CST
I think I may have written about this a while back, possibly when I started writing here. Well, my mother has gone into depression again and is in the psych unit in a nearby hospital. It is most likely due to the fact that she thought that our governor is talking about reducing her insurance since she is medicaid and has no money. I work for the county too and we have been threaten with layoffs too. So I am thinking that is what started this downward slide. She cried the entire day today. She hates it and understands what is happening but not why. The staff at the hospital are absolutely great and very sympathetic. She wants to enjoy life again and be happy. She is 83 and this is a crappy way to spend your last years. This all started because of the meanness of her brother and his need for money, money, money at the expense of my Mom. People, remember be good to everyone and if you can't be good, leave them alone. You just don't know how it affects the other person. In this case, it has ruined her golden years and he has no regrets whatsoever. Excuse me, but may he rot in hell!
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• Philippines
6 Mar 11
My Mom is also experiencing this. I mean he has a brother who really depends on her on monetary terms. His family has brought a lot of headaches to my Mom but it never reached the point that my Mom would be depressed. She just get pissed off.