what is the best way to earn money ?

March 6, 2011 5:28am CST
i want to to know what is the best way to earn money from online net because there is alot of ways to do that there si ptp , ptc ,ptr , ptu and pts so iwant too know what is the best way of them ?? ptp = paid to post pts = paid to signup ptc = paid to click ptu = paid to upload ptr = paid to read emails
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• India
6 Mar 11
Hey...everyone here wants to earn bit extra money and if they get it for spending 1-2 hours a day then nothing like it. As for me i'm continuously on the move almost everyday trying to find out what is best for me, and after a thorough research have come up with few sites (u can see them in my profile), which are paying and legit. At present I'm earning 80 - 120 cents a day, started from 10 cents a few motnhs ago. In turn let me know if you have come accross any good sites...we can benefit mutually..
• United States
6 Mar 11
I can't give you that answer because I probably know less than you, but hopefully someone can answer that question for the both of us. I know I would like to know the answer.