Herbal medicine better than chemical medicine

March 6, 2011 9:16pm CST
Herbal medication that was originally a traditional medicine,is an alternative that opten people do to cure various deseases, partucularly in eastern countries.In the eastern culture of life, many alternative methods in the treatment or healt care. Methods of modern health care is also roughly the same, reffering to the sustained effort of physical and mental health. Nothing is wrong, all of maintaining harmony of life. But nowaday many people began turning back to traditional (alternative) methods. The advantages of traditional methods, is ability to refer to the harmony of nature, not like as modern medical methods wich rely on chemical aspect. Chemical aspect is starting believed of many people in addition to having many benefits, but also contain a destructive aspect for physical or mental aspect of humanity. Especially in medical research at new day, is began ti proved that alternative methods can indeed be explained scientifically. So it is not only a mystical aspect. If i had to choose, i would be more use of alternative methods than the methods of modern medicine. That means i would prefer herbal medicine in the maintenance of my health. How about you?
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• China
7 Mar 11
The herbal medicine and chemical medicine each has its strong points.Most of chemical medicine stem from herbal medicine.On account of going through refinement the chemical medicine has many advantages ,such as small dosage,easy to take,etc.but Its side effect is relatively large.That people use herbal medication for treatment can date back to thousands of years ago.In this respect people have accumulated a wealth of experience.Tt is a valuable asset.