@sql_cell (1429)
March 7, 2011 12:22am CST
If relations are always harmonious, precisely the relationship will seem boring. Experience complete the argument, could make each pair, learning to introspection, to understand the character each other, and ready to survive if the obstacles that may come back to the front. I heard that sentence, at my friend's wedding. What is your opinion? You agree?
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@sashakiddo (1104)
• United States
13 Apr 11
I agree. I argue with my partner all the time. It really helps because my partner tends to keep things in. For him, it might be more annoying to argue because he doesn't like confrontation. Some people just don't like arguing. But in my opinion it really helps if someone is holding something inside.
• Philippines
30 Mar 11
Arguements will always be there no matter when or where you are. Why? Because even though you are a couple, you are still 2 different people with different personalities. But what is more important is how you 2 fix and make up after the arguement.
@EdnaReyes (2628)
• Philippines
22 Mar 11
Yes, I believe in this, experience complete the argument, make each other a pair,since you are now as one. In any relationship, we must see each other as a friend, as an ally, as a partner. If we do so, we can't make the mistake of taking the other for granted, of not minding about his or her opinion. A relationship is not made for one but for and him or him and you!
@indahfth (11173)
• Indonesia
11 Mar 11
people who argue, tend to be happier. because, to express to your partner about things that are not favored by the couple. couples who both hold anger, thoughtful, and hold a grudge, can be toxic in the body. although the fight is suggested in a relationship, we must know how to resolve an argument, so as not tocontinue on, cut off the relationship.
@ifa225 (11099)
• Indonesia
7 Mar 11
there is no life without argument. it happens because every person have their own way to think and to react. and everybody have their own unique solution of a problem. we can't avoid this, just how we manage is the important thins which make us harmonious
@jennyze (7048)
• Indonesia
7 Mar 11
Yes, I agree. Relationship without any arguments will be boring. Arguments will keep people in the relationship getting to know their partner better. Just as long as those arguments are logical and can be explained.