Regretful Missed Opportunities

March 9, 2011 1:21am CST
If I have to live my life again, one thing I will do is to learn as many major languages as I can. This is important for me as it will open many door in my life in various fields. If I can speak eloquently in many languages, I can excel in trade negotiations and well as become a distinguished translator and interpreter. I can also appreciate the works of authors in many languages including watch movies in their original languages. Similarly, I can enjoy songs sang in native tongues. I am missing so much. Do you feel that you should learn more languages?
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@thatgirl13 (7307)
• South Korea
9 Mar 11
I am bilingual but I want to learn a couple more languages. I'm thinking of learning Chinese soon. I really wanted to learn it for a long time. And want to learn Spanish sometime in the future too. Anyway I didn't know there were many opportunities if you are bilingual. Can you tell me what can a bilingual person work as (except interpretor) ??
20 Mar 11
Yes, thank you for responding. I think 'regret' is a sad situation to be in as it means that we will never cross that path again because we have only this life to live. So, for the young ones, think seriously and do not squander away time. Learn the languages like what you said such as Spanish if it is useful for you. Chinese has now become a language of commerce and many internet websites are now in Chinese. So as not to lose out, start learning Chinese.
• South Korea
20 Mar 11
Hey thanks. I will be learning Chinese pretty soon. Have a good day ^^
30 Mar 11
Well, they say that you got to befuddled your mind for it to be able to learn new languages. The older I get, the more the brain refuses to learn new languages in spite of my knowledge of learning theories. What a shame!