a flirty person or not

@Sheeny (173)
March 9, 2011 6:35am CST
In my workplace right now, there is this one man who said that he has a crush on me. He always appreciate me and said good things about me. I really do not know if he is flirting with me or not. i have a boyfriend and i am sure my boyfriend do love me, but sometimes i cant help but to think if he really do love me because he does not appreciate me, he always said negative bad things about me.
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16 Mar 11
There are healthy flirtations and unhealthy flirtations. Since you have a boyfriend I would not entertain the flirtations with this other person. One should not leave a relationship for another, one needs to complete and let go, find our true inner self and then begin another. Going from one to another only carries over the baggage from the last. I believe you need to really reassess what is going on with your boyfriend to determine if a future is warranted. Best of luck.
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29 Mar 11
Be careful of workplace romances! They can get very messy. If you decide to break things off with your boyfriend think twice before getting into anything with the guy at your job. If things turn sour it will make your workplace very uncomfortable. I hope your boyfriend changes his attitude about you. Love is gentle and kind not mean or negative!