United States
March 9, 2011 1:01pm CST
will you ever forgive someone who back stab you and they're your best friend from high school.
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@xien2xien (1383)
• Philippines
10 Mar 11
i will surely will forgive him/her, but the next time i'll be a lot more careful to trust them, when they do it once they'll soon can do it again that's my policy. Forgiveness is time taking situation, time will heal all the wounds and pain and soon you'll never feel the pain and that's the moment of forgiveness.
• Bulgaria
10 Mar 11
I have done it,it is very difficult and very hard,and it hurts very much.I understood my best friend had had an affair with the boy I loved and had a steady relationship with a few days after we broke up.He did it to revenge me for something I hadnt done,and after accomplishing his goal dumped her.I still have feeling for that person,year after we ended our relationship and he still has feelings for me,but we will never be together again because of what he did.And still I decided to forgive my friend(despite she had been lying for me for weeks,and she never told me the truth,I understood from another person).It wasnt easy but decided to give her a second chance though I would never feel the same way about her...
@ebony37 (18)
• United States
10 Mar 11
I would forgive a person who stabbed me in the back. I believe that life is to short to hold anger towards someone. Although I will forgive I will never forget.