Our love song

March 9, 2011 1:14pm CST
When I was in love I had been listening to love songs that I never was before. Truely it inspired me and helped me express my feelings towards the woman I love. I even used the lyrics of different love songs to impress her and it worked. The very first song that I deeply like in that time and even at the present is "When You Say Nothing at ALL". Have you heard this song?
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@bubuth (1816)
• Philippines
4 Feb 12
i also know the song and it is a beautiful song and it is my former favorite song also. But as a girl i will fall in love more easily in a guy that make a unique song for me. But it is still up to you because every man has different way on how they will court their crushes. Happy Mylotting..
@nezavisima (7417)
• Bulgaria
18 May 11
Yes I heard this song. And I can tell you that to explain to a woman with a love song and it means a lot to her.Because what you say can and song through the words of love is wonderful. Almost all the lovers have their favorite love song. and when you greet cheyat seemed like they say in their language body language of thoughts and feelings. I also like a woman whenever you hear a love song dream and many others. So always greet women with love songs.
• India
12 Apr 11
i even used the lyrics to do different songs to impress all . the first song in that time is different.
2 Apr 11
Itoshii Hito by miyavi... still makes me cry everytime a hear it
• Philippines
12 Mar 11
Yes that was true. Love song make us girls smile while listening to it. i know that song, and it was my favorite too. I heard that song when my ex sing it to me, he is so sweet but we broke up because of non-sense idea.
@Sheeny (173)
• Philippines
10 Mar 11
that song is really nice, my special someone love that song and sing it for me. i heard that song often. lol my favorite song is Power Of Two, have you heard this song?
• Bulgaria
10 Mar 11
That had become my favourite love song,it really describes the perfect love I want to give and get back in return with my partner.IT is really fantastic,nice to see that a guy likes it.:)