November 19, 2006 6:55am CST
im a bit depressed at the moment ..and every time i talk to my boyfriend..hes says its always about negative stuff. im really trying but hes getting sick of it now...hes says he cant love me when im like this. if you love someone shouldnt you be able to love them in their highs and lows?
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@Miranda (728)
• South Africa
19 Nov 06
I hate it when someone like your boyfriend says stuff like that. My boyfriend said the same to me ones and it makes you feel even more helpless. I can't give advise on this one, but I can only say, I know exactly how felt at that moment. hang in there, not for anybody else but for yourself. Good Luck.
19 Nov 06
thank you ..hopefully ill get through it. just my last year at university is really hard ..i dont think he understands.
@tzunami (373)
• Indonesia
19 Nov 06
Yes I agree with you. If we love someone, we should to love them in their high and low. But the important is we should share each other. We can share about our story, fun, and many other. I hope you will be ok.
19 Nov 06
thank you .. ill be fine .. just got a lot going on with loads of university work and back living with my parents again away from my friends.
21 Jan 07
If you really love someone you love them for who they are and not just their 'happy side'. Your boyfriend should be more supportive of you - maybe if he was then you'd start to feel a bit better and you'd be able to talk about happier things. I notice it was a while since you posted this so I hope you have resolved this problem.