March 10, 2011 1:00am CST
who do you think will win in pacquiao vs mosley fight? do you think mayweather deserve a break on pacquiao? does age really matters in boxing?
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• Philippines
10 Mar 11
I believe Mosley has no chance against Manny Pacquaio. If he failed to win against a lesser fighter in Miguel Angel Cotto whom the PACMAN battered in almost every round and finally succumed to submission in the 12th round, much more to a superior fighter who is the top pound for pound boxer. Yes Mayweather deserve to fight the PACMAN because he is the no. 2 pound for pound boxer. I would love to see that fight to see the moment of truth that the proud Floyd Mayweather is really beatable.
• Philippines
11 Mar 11
That's good to hear being a filipino but we can underestimate mosley since he too prove himself once before being the after sought boxer. he too can box well. but i really hope pacman will prevail as ever as he has fought previous very challenging fighters. Mayweather should not fail the boxing enthusiasts' dream on seeing him fighting with the pacman.
13 Mar 11
its obvious that manny will win.. its not that mosley is weak.. its just that the mosley is no longer the great boxer that he was.. i mean.. age.. soon manny will going to be the same..