are you addicted to facebook ?

@20fevr (10)
March 10, 2011 4:20pm CST
I find myself spending all my free time in facebook is this classed as addiction.
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@mlla24 (841)
• Mexico
10 Mar 11
not, since i know site where i can make money at internet , i dont visit facebook to much.
@20fevr (10)
11 Mar 11
ha ha maybe you should everyone know your secret... lol
@tash01 (2032)
• Jamaica
15 Mar 11
No am not addicted to facebook,but i like it their it's a good social network site.I log in daily ,to read my message if their is any an plays games that i play their. People spend time on facebook to chat with friends an play games they are not addicted but are having fun. I have friend who spend the whole day on facebook playing games an chatting. While you enjoy doing it in your free time i don't think it is a addiction,its all about having fun your free time.
• Philippines
11 Mar 11
recently i watched television, and did you know that two young american guy whose responsible in inventing the FACEBOOK, declared as the top3 Billionaires Forbes Magazine!!.. They're so genius create that world wide phenomenon facebook. And thanks to them! what a great site!!!
• United States
11 Mar 11
I'm like you. I turn on my computer and the first place I go to is facebook! I guess I'm addicted
@rflfly (51)
• China
10 Mar 11
Yes,it is very interesting to play in facebook.and it's a great site.I like it very much.
10 Mar 11
Hi fever20, If you can't control your time being spent on facebook it can be classified as addiction. I'd suggest you to get out and meet real people if you want to discuss something rather than doing it online for your own good. Also you will feel what it's like to be without facebook, if you can do this there is still hope that you can get over your addiction. As Belial said that he is trying to replace facebook with mylot, that's not the correct way, but the route is heading to right direction. What I am trying to say is, don't replace one site with other when you can replace it with real life.
• Belgium
10 Mar 11
well i hope this site can help me get over my facebook addiction