How should I prepare eggs for bodybuilding?

March 11, 2011 6:36am CST
Ok, so I'm currently working on bulking my body, but I was wondering what is the best way to prepare eggs and keep all of the vitamins and protein. I know Rocky style is probably the best but I don't think I could handle that, plus I don't want salmonella. Any other tips are greatly appreciated
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• United States
26 Jul 11
I myself usually eat eggs as my preworkout meal. I prefer to fry mine over easy. It tastes good and you also get to keep the yoke, which has all the nutrients while the egg whites have the protein. I hope this helps!
• China
11 Aug 11
I agree with what you said . Eggs is really a good thing.
• Italy
21 Mar 11
Hi there, for a matter of digestion you should: - well cook the white, as if it's raw the proteins cannot be absorbed by your body Rocky was an example of NON protein intake through eggs as he was drinking them raw! - keep the yolk (yellow part) rather raw, because in this case it's the reverse, the more you cook it the more you won't digest it. Actually the best way to cook an egg to maximize digestion is "a la coque", 3 minutes soft boiling that will cook and solidify the white and keep the yolk liquid. Et voila!
12 Mar 11
I think that food should be prepared with flavour in mind, as well as use in nutrition and health. I prefer my eggs to either be hard boiled and served with a salad. Or else, I would have them scrambled with a dash of milk, salt and pepper. I would also team that with some lean grilled bacon, and some mushrooms. Makes a great high protein breakfast, or make a larger portion and add a slice of wholemeal toast and a grilled tomato and it's lunch or dinner. Happy bodybuilding