I just got a wonderful message today~

March 11, 2011 6:40am CST
everything seems going bad since i woke up on this day at 2pm, that's because of the tsunami happening in Japan during that time, it was really horrible... but on this day i got a special saying and message: "Don't start your day with a negative attitude. It's hard to understand why so many people wake up each morning feeling defeated when each day holds so much potential. The possibilities that today offers are endless, so eagerly anticipate wonderful happenings. It's easy to let blessings go by unnoticed if you're not looking." Im lucky that i am still alive today, but it's too hard to think that many people lose their lives each time we get happy on the other side... let's pray for the safety of the people there... :(
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@Hunter24 (90)
• United States
11 Mar 11
I also agree. The people in Japan (and parts of California) deserve our blessings. They have gone through a lot, and what happened today ruined and completely destroyed many lives and families. We should all take time today to pray for those that were killed or harmed during the powerful force of nature that occurred today. They all deserve it. Pray for their safety, shelter, lives, and families.
@jinjer168 (1599)
• Philippines
11 Mar 11
I agree with you, almost all part of the world sympathized with what the Japanese people experienced today, It was really horrible seeing destructive man made calamities like this one. True enough, nature has its one way to bounce back and said that its enough and we should wake up and learn to take care of our surroundings. God also wanted us to be much closer to Him and stop committing so many sins I guess. Just like you, Ive been able to get so many wonderful messages as text messages from my relatives and friends, I never deleted them without checking if I already copied them to my notebook where I transferred this messages and read them repeatedly when I wanted to enlighten my mind. Trials are part of life and we need to ask God for help always because we're just all human. Good night!