CSI game on facebook

@o2bnocn (2895)
United States
March 11, 2011 5:30pm CST
So I have started playing the CSI game on facebook. This show was my favorite for years until grissom left. I enjoy the game and like the game very much but I dislike how often I run out of energy. The game gets a little repetitive as well. I think it is a unique game though. Overall I really like it and I am glad that I started playing it. I just wish that they didn't make the energy on the game the way they did. I would be able to play it more often if I didn't have to wait for energy. A lot of days I don't have time to play the game. I guess it will just make the game lasts longer for me, because there were facebook users that were complaining how there were no more cases to play. What do you think of the CSI game on facebook?
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• United States
13 Mar 11
I tried it once and did not like it at all. I do enjoy the tv series but something about the game on facebook did not grasp my attention. My brother in law on the other hand is totally addicted to it. He is the one who had me try it.
@o2bnocn (2895)
• United States
14 Mar 11
I like it but I admit that I expected more!
@cream97 (29166)
• United States
12 Mar 11
Hi. o2bnocn. I don't play games on Facebook. I have been sent some requests by friends to play though. I have never been interested into playing games on Facebook. I am glad that you have found your game that you enjoy playing though. I love all of the CSI shows and I am sure that I would love to play this game on Facebook.
@o2bnocn (2895)
• United States
14 Mar 11
It's one of my favorite games on facebook. I only play two. I usually don't have a lot of time to play them though. Hope you like the CSI game!
@Danuska (190)
• India
22 Mar 11
good game sharing ..
@tash01 (2032)
• Jamaica
15 Mar 11
I use it to play that game,but it take a while to load on my computer .It's fun but take a while to load so i don't batter to play it ,my husband play an he have reach a far way i don't know the level. So far the way he play i think it is very interesting,and fun game. Enjoy it have a nice day my friend.