March 12, 2011 4:21am CST
is there is any other site that can pay me like my lot do, if there is any please tell me, i need that. the site should not be any ptc site.
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• Romania
3 Jun 11
Hi toxin007! Yes, I've found another site, besides mylot that is paying through paypal, on a rate of 10 cents per post. It is called GPTPF and I've been there with my friends for a while now. It always paid me until now and if you like to write is a great way to make some cash.
@sunny4691 (546)
• India
12 Mar 11
i have joined thecashchat and its paying 3 cents per post and thread and $4 is the payout, if you wish you can try it
@honquoh (22)
• Philippines
12 Mar 11
hi there! try microworkers, all you have to do is complete small task and you'll get paid for the task you've completed. task ranges from $.05 to even up to $2.00.
• India
12 Mar 11
ypu can try matesgate you will get paid every month there i have joined there & i got payment.