What's good in the news?

@toniganzon (53346)
March 12, 2011 6:56am CST
Every weekend I would spend the whole day at my father's desk, doing what he did before which includes reading his favorite newspaper. When my grandparents who are American citizens who used to reside in LA city decided to settle here for good, they chose my parents' house to live. Grandpa would go to the office everyday to read the papers and mind you, at 92 he can still read without the aid of spectacles. One weekend he told me, "there aren't any good news at all. Everday I can only read bad events!" What he said stuck on my mind. Even on tv,p murder corruption and other devastating news are being sensationalized and are given more time slot than the good news. People prefer to see more violence on the news.
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@yoniarnon (1081)
• Israel
12 Mar 11
He was right most of the time there are no good news and cause of this i don't trying to watch or read news, i believe that people talk about what appends in the news to much so you don't need to read it. You just need to go to work or other public place and people will talk about the news any way and will tell you what's new..
@greenline (14864)
• Canada
15 Mar 11
Grandpa said it right. The newspapers and the news channels on the TV only highlight bad news going on around the world. No doubt, we would like to read about and be informed of things happening around the world, but that should not be only bad news only. There must be good things happening too, and it would be good to read about them as well.
@ebuscat (5949)
• Philippines
13 Mar 11
For me we know how to be done in this system of thing's.