God's terror

March 12, 2011 10:50am CST
Why calamity happens? see today in Japan. many innocent people died, injured and lost. I often thinking and thinking like madman. I donot get answer. What is the fault of these innocent children of the god himself? I cannot imagine the nature's plan or idea behind this calamity. To whom to complain for this? The God is in the role of killer. The gardner fired the garden. The captain sinks the steamer. Oh God save!! me.
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@sirerba (51)
• Philippines
12 Mar 11
You don't have to be crazy just to know all the answers to all of these. All you have to do is accept the fact that this "GOD" whom a lot of people were telling all about really doesn't exist. This "GOD" was just a mere creation of human's mind...just a invention. This was happened when man began to look for someone they thought more powerful than them to protect them and save them during times of fear and troubles. This is the reason why I stopped believing to this "GOD" that really doesn't exist...meaning, THERE IS NO GOD! As a matter of fact, all of us are GOD of our own life. But everything that are now happening to the world will happen whether we like it or not. If you notice, it is constantly happening and will constantly happen even if the whole world will pray to this "GOD", isn't it? So you better hold on to yourself for you alone can protect and save yourself and your love ones too from all from these natural disasters. Believing to this "GOD" is just a WASTE OF TIME.
• Mexico
13 Mar 11
things like these are going to happend all the time,,, we are really alone here and there is no God around, because many kids were hurt and i dont think theres a God punisment and then what for? adults can be judge for their actions but babies???? i always say the earth was created faulty since the very biginning, its so beautiful but, everything has to start and also has the end.
• India
12 Mar 11
hmm..it's a creation ..and the god has created us and we didnot ask him that pls create me...but it happened so what comes to us we need to take and as you said ...one thing comes to my mind..as we sow so as we reap. We are exploiting all the natural resources inside the earth and the results are just like what we are seeing ..and this cannot be stopped.