Would you believe that these things really happen in real life?

March 12, 2011 11:09pm CST
This is actually a true story of mine that was been hunting me since last December because of the attitude of my sister. She has bad attitudes towards us her siblings since our childhood, she always makes competition on everything we do or achieve and when she fails, she get angry with us. What worst she wants to be the oldest child of my parent or wants to be an only child. She was 3rd child and always act as if she was the oldest and because of her attitudes and acts my oldest brother got irritated and died having bad feelings for her. Being the 2nd child, I replace my brother but last December I had a big fight with my sister because of her acts and also leave my family and decided to be married. Now, She got what she wants and guess she was happy about it because she wasn't comfortable when I am visiting my parents and other siblings. My sister's attitude: Backstabber - she always makes comments about us to other people Drama queen- she always act as an outcast or being outcast Best Actress- she do and act everything as if she was innocent or good to us. Friend Hanger- she adds or speak to our friends as if we are really close and etc. When she got the trust of our friends, she will grab the opportunity to destroy us to them and let them be on her side. Too bad for her they really don't buy it. There's too much to say but to make it short she simply wants everything to be on her. My prob now is at least I want to get back to her on everything she does but then I just want to avoid her in my life. But lately because of not being satisfied that I didn't do anything, it was now bothering in my dreams during my sleeps and its not healthy anymore. What are your insights and advice?
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• Indonesia
13 Mar 11
if I have a brother who sucks. I'll definitely tell other people who can keep a secret. I hope to have a solution from someone who I believe to understand the attitude of my brother. but, I will not tell the bad attitude to everyone. tell your own ugliness justry cause a bad opinion of my way of thinking. Brother still brothers. family is still family.
• Philippines
13 Mar 11
maybe somehow to you my post is not good but see the reason why i post it, because she is not really treating us as her family but an enemy that she will do anything to let us down. she only wants fame, money and evilness. she was also doing it to my parents. I want to take some advice because for me i don't really believe that she can act like that but then until everything has been flashed in to my own eyes.