Mypage5 referal link

March 13, 2011 1:19am CST
Hi mylotters. You always helped me. I am sure you will this time also. I saw amazing site called mypage5 here peoples are earning too much moneys. They gives 5 dollars for signing up but with good avatar. But how to refer other peoples. There is only option of invite friends from specific websites. But many of my mylot referals are waiting to give them another surprising site. I think mypage5 is one of them. There is no referal link i found in earning faq. Like mylot we have to append /ref=username there is nothing like that. So how can i refer friends? Also tell me. They gives fifteen percent of referals earnings. So we refer peoples with good avatar then referal gets 5 dollars sign up bonus. So we will get fifteen percent of sign up boots too? If it is then we can earn 60 cents only for refering one friend with avatar. Help me. Also tell me are you getting problem using this site. Some time ago i tried to open site but it shows error but sometime it opens i think it's server problem. Thanks
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