Email From Department of International Affairs

March 13, 2011 1:46am CST
I received another scam in my yahoo email account and this time it came from The Department of International Affairs. I think this is connected with the Western Union Scam from Benin.Since they're not able to make me believe about the said email this time they are saying that "following series of complaints from the citizens of US and other country over the discrepancy and fraudulent ways in which fund transfers are handled by Africans..........a decision was reached recently by the United States Treasury under the Authority of White House to compel African Financial bodies to urgently release all funds.....It was discovered that some bureaucratic bottlenecks (they also use this term in the previous email but different subject) was put by these banks and couriers....... ....You are requested to re-confirm the following information to Barr.Anderson J. Bernard by email: surname,other names,phone number and fax, address, amount to be claimed: $36,500,000.00. The sender is supposed to be Mr. Timothy Geithner (undersecretary). If you will search the net, Mr. Geithner is the undersecretary for International Affairs of the US Treasury Dept. It means that they are using the name of a true person. Beware again of emails promising you big money, with Barr, and usually came from Africa.
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@thetigers (108)
• Philippines
16 Mar 11
I got mails also from the African counties saying that i have some huge amount to claim, i tried to call the number they gave, and did talked to them. What they told me is that before i can claim that huge amount i have to send them money for them to process everything. And it's very sad to know that loads of people keep on believing and doing what their demands are. We should be very vigilant nowadays, lots of frauds through nets.