Checking out the Kingda Ka. The best ever roller coaster in the country.

United States
March 13, 2011 11:32am CST
I am definitely gonna check out this state of the art rollercoaster when I happen to go down to Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey. It is known as Kingda Ka. It is 456 feet in height. It is 128 mph in speed. I bet I'm going to be on it. And screaming almost during the entire ride. It is approximately eight hours in both ways. I might even have to rent a hotel room for the night. Once the ride starts, it'll go to 128 mph in three and a half seconds. The roller coaster was designed by Intamin. I also would love to ride the Superman Ultimate Flight and the Batman. I also want to check out the new Green Lantern as well. I have been a fan of Six Flags for a long time now. The Great Adventure park in New Jersey is the largest Six Flags park within the chain. I know the Great American Scream Machine has been taken out to probably make room for the Green Lantern. I have a cousin from Georgia that has been to Six Flags Over Georgia before. And she was terrified of roller coasters, esp being upside down.
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• Philippines
13 Mar 11
wow. ur really into theme parks. i love to ride on roller coasters. when i have experienced my first time to ride i hesitated at first but when I sat and it started to move. It was breath takin. so much fun. I enjoyed alot and i think I want to experience those rides that you have said.
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• United States
13 Mar 11
Especially Kingda Ka, Batman Ride, Superman Ride Of Steel, Superman Ultimate Flight, and Ninja. We do have a Six Flags park in Upstate New York - in the Queensbury - Lake George community. It's located across from an indoor water park and lodge hotel right by Johnny Rockets. It's known as The Great Escape and Splashwater Kingdom. It's been a six flags family since 1996. The roller coasters up there are the Steamin Demon, Canyon Blaster, Boomerang, and The Comet. My most ever favorites are the Sasquatch which has twin towers at 192 feet each. One is a drop side used to be known as Sonic Slam while the other is a launch which used to be the Bayou Blaster. The ride was relocated from the old abandoned Six Flags New Orleans formerly known as Jazzland. It was because of Hurricane Katrina. Now the Sasquatch ride was named in honor of sigtings of the Bigfoot beast we consider Sasquatch. Sasquatch is an S & S Power Combo Tower model. It is operated by compressed air pressure. I preferrably choose the drop side of the ride. And after being held up there after slow ascent for a few seconds, the ride drops. That is when I start screaming real loud and wild until the first bounce halfway down the tower. Also one of my favorites is the Skycoaster where from the top I pull the ripcord to fly.