80% of general opulation are having multiple personality!!!

March 13, 2011 6:04pm CST
Hi Friends we all will agree that multiple personality is a psycological illness right?But I have a question to you.How many of you don't have a particular behaviour in public and entirely different one in the private!!!We call it as "Social mannerse" But in fact it is also a multiple personality.Still we will be eagerly pointing out some one else with multiple personality disorder.How strange we are????
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• United States
14 Mar 11
LOL jjosemadam I think the numbers are more like 99.9% I too believe that although it may healthy for some, behavior is defined by the environment they are in. For instances we can attend a business meeting and be completely 100% professional then we can go to a relatives party and let it hang out and be silly. So to some extent we are all with multiple personalities. This is how I define the healthy side of it. As for the unhealthy, well that is to an extreme where perhaps they are professional in the meeting and forget they are there and let it all loose at the wrong times.
• Malaysia
14 Mar 11
Ya...agree. Everybody has multiple personalities in private and public occasion. In fact, I have attended a talk regarding fingers print which left hand side of the thumb print represent your private personality and right hand side thumb print represent your public personality. So, it's a multiple personalities for everyone since we don't have same left right thumb print.
@AKRao24 (21618)
• India
14 Mar 11
Hi Dear Jjosemadam! It is very natural to have different behaviour of an individual in different situation! This may not be termed as multiple personality! Imagine right from getting up from the bed in the morning to again going back to bed , how many roles do we need to play, apart from your self being! The moment you get up you are spouse to some one, you are parent to some one,you are employee to some one, you are subordinate to some one, or you are boss to some one, you are friend to some one so and so on! Thus in every role your behaviour changes as per the need! If we don't change this behaviour of ours according to the roles we play and we try to act similarly in every situation then there would be lot of confusion in life! Thus in my opinion the variety of behaviour by a person is nothing but it is part and parcel of one's routine life and one has to live with it! Thanks for the discussion!