The Great Escape & Splashwater Kingdom, Lake George, NY

United States
March 13, 2011 7:54pm CST
We do have a Six Flags park up here in Upstate New York. They have been part of Six Flags since 1996. Has anyone ever heard of the place before. I know I have been going there for a long time now. I have lots of favorite rides there. Especially the Sasquatch and Skycoaster. I still love the roller coasters up there. So if anyone has any interest in this, just go to Now the Sasquatch was introduced in 2009. It was named in honor of the sightings of the bigfoot beast we consider Sasquatch. The ride has two 192feet towers. One is a drop and the other is a launch. It is an S And S Power Combo model. It is operated via high pressure compressed air. The ride was relocated from the abandoned and closed down Six Flags New Orleans which was formerly known as Jazzland due to Hurricane Katrina. The drop side used to be the Sonic Slam while the launch side used to be the Bayou Blaster. Preferrably I choose the drop. At first I get slowly taken up all the way to the top along with other riders. After a few seconds from the top we drop down fast and until the first bounce per ride cycle. That is when I scream the loudest and wild. The ride is similar to Scream, the tripod tower ride at Six Flags New England which used to be Riverside Park in Agawam, Massachusetts. There is also the Scream Tower Ride at Six Flags Fiesta Texas. There is another similar S And S Power Combo model tripod tower ride at Six Flags Over Texas which is known as Superman Tower Of Power. The Superman ride is the tallest air powered one in the world that uses both space shot and turbo drop. And we are talking all three towers. One is blue. One is red. And the other one is yellow. Now during hot texas summers the ride goes only on space shot method since the cables overheat way too quickly. The ride is similar to Supreme Scream at Knotts Berry Farm. Now for the Skycoaster at the Great Escape which is 175 feet tall, I get suited up after paying my fee and waiting until scheduled time to arrive. I will be secured within the flight suit. I get attached to the lift cable tether, laying facedown. I get slowly pulled to the top and I hear 3 2 1 fly. Then I pull the ripcord to fly real wild and cheer on. There is the world's tallest one in Kissimmee, Florida at 300 feet. If anyone wants to know about Skycoaster just go to Or just respond to this.
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