Reasons for Travels

March 13, 2011 9:03pm CST
We all enjoy taking trips,but what are the reasons for travels? We travel because we want to broaden our horizons.We want to learn about other people and other places by means of traveling.Generally speaking,we are very curious about other cultures.When we are tourists,we get a quick look at different ways of life.Even a short look at another kind of life style is an important lesson.On a trip,a person can learn directly-by visiting museums and scenis spots and historic sites.What does a tourist learn who sees the art museums,visits the historical palaces and other scenic spots in Paris,and moreover shops along the River Seine? He gets a vivid picture-a real-life-one of the French people.He learns about their attitudes,how they feel about businesss,beauty and history. I want to travel all sorts of reasons these now.ALL the wit to see what's new reasons! Thanks for your participation and support!
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