The Power of Rain

@sarwim (12)
March 13, 2011 9:46pm CST
About a year back there was a huge rain storm where i live. Now i am madly in love with the rain. I love everything about it; the smell, the sight and the feeling. Because i loved the rain so much i laced up my soccer cleats and went in the backyard to kick the ball around. I don't exactly know how, but the rain seemed as if it gave me magical powers or something. I know that sounds stupid, but the i kicked the ball so incredibly hard that it bounced of the goal post and blasted right through my neighbor's fence. I don't know if it was just a lucky shot or if actually had to do with the rain. all I know is that i have never kicked a ball with that much force.
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• Philippines
14 Mar 11
That is so cool. I wonder how it feels like to be kicking a ball when the rain is pouring. But I guess that's the magic that the rain does. It makes every thing else different. I used to play in the rain when I was a kid and I always enjoyed it even though I know that I might get scolded by my mom. Rain has its own magical effect and rain makes me feel a lot calmer.
@sarwim (12)
14 Mar 11
Indeed it makes me feel calmer aswell. I truly think there is some odd power in the rain droplets. I have also went for a run in the rain and no matter how far i went i wasn't getting tired. Before i knew it i was about 20km away from my house! Which was when i decided to turn back.
• Philippines
15 Mar 11
I haven't tried running in the rain. That sounds kind of fun. I wonder if I can do it one time. I do love walking in the rain though and just listening to the sound of the rain drops. Sometimes, I also like my face getting wet with the little drizzles here in there. Feels good I must say.
@dainy1313 (2354)
• Leon, Mexico
19 Apr 11
The rain is lovely Sarwim. Where I grew up there was much more rain than in this city. We had a very clumsy rain =(... it just smelled like rain. I felt nostalgic. Playing in the rain is a lovely and inocent act!! Blessings!... Dainy
@didi13 (2927)
• Romania
18 Mar 11
If every drop of rain would tell-tale world would be eclipsed would not tell. But the rain speaks its language, unknown by us, and tells his story. Sometimes, when we are angry, hitting the window of my room and called to tell me. Drops wasted for little things, but he sacrificed for us.
• United States
14 Mar 11
This reminds me of why I like to run in the rain. I enjoy even as an adult to go outdoors and get the feel of the trickling rain. I am not sure if your kick force is related but awesome. I think if I kick a ball in the rain it wouldn't travel fast for me. LOL.. I do see you are new to myLot so a very warm welcome to you!