Reincarnation. Believe or not?....

@edev85 (26)
March 14, 2011 12:56am CST
Do you believe in reincarnation? Right now, many people from different religious background (those which believe in reincarnation or not) believe in reincarnation... How about yourself?... For me, i believe that all living things have been going around in the circle of reincarnation/rebirth. In Buddhism, there is a difference between reincarnation and rebirth. Reincarnation is the process of rebirth which happen because of the beings' choice. Only Buddha can do reincarnation and can choose where they want to be born. While rebirth happen to all beings who haven't got enlightenment. They experience rebirth because of the force of their karma. They can not choose where they want to be born like Buddha does
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