United States
March 14, 2011 3:17am CST
Dont you just love it when you have such a good weekend? Everything was great, I realaxed and watched movies hung out with my five year old niece. We watched cartoons and I read to her it was fun. I dont usually have weekends like that but it was nice I really needed it.
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@sweet_pea (3326)
• Philippines
25 May 11
Weekends are family bonding time for us. I prefer to stay at home and spend my time with my son. We do some arts like painting, coloring or writing. Play with board games like snakes and ladders. Read his books. Sometimes, when my husband brings home his laptop, we play computer games. We also sometimes watch cartoons together. Most of my time is spent on my son since we hardly devote enough time for him on work days. When I am not busy with my son, what I do for myself on a weekend at home is reading romantic novels in bed.
@didi13 (2927)
• Romania
30 Apr 11
Love's weekend, with their gentle sloth. But things are even though they would switch to Saturdays, on Sunday, to make them even flavors. How do I show My weekend? I'm glad that we wake up late, and we take breakfast in silence, with a second cup of coffee, and sipped an orange juice lazy, slow, with a straw ... I love that we're shopping for. And a cake like that bother me ... Then I ate too much. I like the phone rings more often than on weekdays. But sometimes I just do not like any phone call that you expect, because on weekends, sometimes, is like basking in love ... I love pampered respite spent with a book in hand, bought the movie good time at the mall, saw even in the bedroom. Then, of course, i start sorry that I have found the energy to do more sports, though, I admit, I had more time than ever for it. It's wonderful meeting with visiting parents and friends, a cool cafe. And then a long bath with foam and petals, which are all concerns in the past week. But the regret that comes once a week to complete, has passed and a slice of my life. His kiss, super fragile, that I will never ever feel the same, because everything in life is unique, unrepeatable painful. Clouds are seen together, now scattered. And, before you fall asleep, the joy that "tomorrow will be a day", the first day of a week in which miracles can happen anytime. And at the end to come back a sweet Saturday, a serene Sunday ...
• United States
14 Mar 11
Yes this was a good weekend for me as well. I came down to adrians house and spent the weekend with him. I am going home today and will be there all week. on friday I plan to come back and spend the weekend here again. We watched movies,went shopping,made noises,and we played a card game with my family. We had a great weekend. I am sorry to see it go too.
@thatgirl13 (7307)
• South Korea
14 Mar 11
YES . I had a great weekend too though it was kinda tiring. I went partying with friends, which I hadn't done recently with my friends. We had fun and I met some friends I hadn't met in a while. Had a great weekend. And glad you had a great weekend too!!
@iva75cpb (729)
• Bulgaria
14 Mar 11
Good for you, I'm glad you had such a great weekend. From what I read, I think you should do it more often. You may not see the result right away but in a few weeks with weekends like this you will be amazed how many positive effects it will have on your body and mind. I also don't have many weekends like this but any chance I have, I spend the weekend walking, playing with my little daughter and reading or watching cartoons with her.
• India
14 Mar 11
Yeah i really love to do such things with our relatives we will be relaxed by doing that activities and plus enjoyments it will be fun out there...