The "bridge" friend is always the winner?

March 14, 2011 5:00am CST
Some friends help you in many ways, and taking those roses to the palce of your beloved when you're too busy is one thing you value in that friendship... -except if after 2 months, you'll find out that she dumped you for him. what happened? He stole your woman? You got way too busy? You forgot to sign the card personally? Did you just let her go? I did, way back 11 years ago...i found out i got too busy with field work and i didn't get the time to take her home at least twice a month...He did... they are married...we're still friends...:) now my friend here has the same problem..If i am to ask the answer, i'd be happy to know it from the woman's point of view...WHERE DID HE GO WRONG?
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