what after an graduate ?

March 14, 2011 6:40am CST
according to todays generation there is a need to do the post graduation since the technology is increasing and day to day life is going even better . so there is a need to have an place in the society, whats your responce? please respond me
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@NIECIE21 (365)
• United States
14 Mar 11
Studies are important. I have found this to be true in my life anyways. While an education is important in today's world, there is still a lot that you can only learn by living life. Those are some of the best ways to learn...when you fail something (or it doesnt go as planned) it is a learning opperutunty as well...those are the ways we grow as humans.
@neo2311 (40)
• India
14 Mar 11
It all depends of how u take life. If u r interested in reading further then go for it , if u feel books r not for u just kick it out of the window.Studies is not important but it is what we learn counts, u can finish all the book of world but learn nothing!. even a dish cleaner may have more knowledge than u have, u have to know u r talent n try to explore it go to the core of it and enhance it , u will feel satisfied n happy no more confusion about what to do just a feeling of success that is left in you think about it u may find an answer about u r question