Do you think that if butterflies represent life then moths represent death?

United States
March 14, 2011 12:47pm CST
Weird question but its something that has been pondering on my mind for years now. Really every since my little brother died. They say that the butterflies and its beautiful color represent life and changes in life. A moth is a butterfly as well its just duller colors and look a little duster. Something like a butterfly that has been raised from the dead. Anyways the two to three days prior to my brothers death I began to notice alot of moths in different places I go. They keep coming in the house if I left the door open while I cooked and normally I get flies and nets in the house when I cook with the door open. A few days later we received phone calls saying come to the hospital my little brother had been shot. Me and my family and some of my brother's friends waited in the family waiting room while they did surgery on my brother only to come out and pronounce him dead. Until this day the memory of how the moths caught my attention still replays in my head and I was just wondering if you think that my theory could be something you could believe to be true or do you just think I'm absolutely crazy? lol
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